European Association for Public Administration Accreditation

“provides a forum for discussion on quality and accreditation”

Categories programmes

In line with the Bologna Treaty of 1999, EAPAA recognizes different categories of programmes:

  • First cycle bachelor level public administration programmes;
  • Second cycle graduate/master level public administration programmes;
  • Combined/comprehensive public administration programmes;
  • Executive/mid career public administration master programmes.
Types of quality evaluation

Since programmes are different in nature, EAPAA awards different types of quality evaluation:

  1. Accreditation
  2. Certification

Although the evaluation processes are in many ways similar, there are some differences.

The accreditation process places more emphasis on academic multi-disciplinarity, internationalisation and the research-based element of programmes. This is suited to academic programmes at a mature stage of development and with an international orientation.
The certification process puts more emphasis on training for the national public service and is a lighter procedure at lower costs. Certification can be pursued independently or, for programmes that aim to become more internationally oriented, as a first step towards accreditation. If programmes are uncertain which type of evaluation is best suited to them, they are welcome to contact the EAPAA secretariat for advice.
Evaluation criteria

To receive the EAPAA seal of approval, programmes must show substantial conformity to the standards. These standards are in line with the guidelines of ENQA and INQAHEE, and were inspired by the accreditation criteria of NASPAA.